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        Poems: Meditation on One

"Meditation on One" appears in the September 2011 issue of Chronogram,

an exceptional magazine that explores the arts, culture and spirit of the Hudson Valley every month. Philip Levine is the poetry editor. Shown here is cover art for this issue from a photo entitled "Snow White, Her Heart, The Queen" by photographer Alicia J. Rose.


Meditation on One

One is not lonely;

it is the beginning

and always the end.

One can meet another

and ripen into two who

can beget three or four, or not...

They can remain two or perchance

part, and become one again,

but once one knows

the feeling of two, its heart

invariably yearns for more.

This remembering sets

a longing afire; even God

willed to see God, and said

"Let there be Light."

Arlene Gay Levine

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