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            Poems: Residuum

The Literary Gazette is a Lifestyle Magazine published annually by The River Reporter of Narrowsburg, NY. The "Dream" issue, Summer 2011, was photographed by Norma Bernstock and edited by Section Editor, Mary Greene.


Revising our lives at night

active voices sing blue

like science fiction,

call the wild way to open

gates shaped in mind's country

by a heart spying on itself.

Please eavesdrop on these grand conversations

inventing truth from ritual designs of a day's residue

or even pieces of childhood too short

to be saved, too important to be

missed by the REM of an eye.

Our private sleep life offers

a romantic education, both theory 

and practice fashioning a text to keep us

word struck, chronically chronicling:

sun and earth, soul and senses--

cutting loose by finding/describing/understanding

the grain in the marble until

Oh, serendipity!

A gust of day's story blows us off course 

far enough to find our way back in.

Arlene Gay Levine

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