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             Poems: Satori 


So you say you're tired

and not much interested in

struggling with the imponderable anymore,

ideas like what does it all mean anyhow?

You wonder: where can I find the peace

my life is missing; in which place or way or time

doing what activity with whom for which reason?

The questions become manacles.

So you decide to put one foot in front

of the other (sort of like you've always done)

and just live your life, every instant, breathing

out and breathing in, doing what comes to hand.

A moment will arrive while your walking,

cooking, showering, maybe falling asleep

after a busy day without questions when

your mind becomes the pond on a calm afternoon

and the aching in your chest takes off like the

squadrons of geese in formation in the fall

when all natural things know exactly the right

moves for that particular instant in time.

Perhaps it is the purple hour approaching dusk

and the evergreens slide into silhouette

while the edges of the hills gently soften

becoming sky and you think, "So, I see..."

Arlene Gay Levine

First published in Movie Life (Finishing Line Press)

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