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          Poems: October Light 

October Light

In Memory of Dorothy J. Brent

October light paints the kitchen

Light and shadow balance here

Take the pot and fill with water

Acolytes of the culinary art

Raise the energy, call the fire

How else can the alchemy start?

Slice the leek, julienne the fennel,

dice the carrots till they're fine

Combine all these most earthly treasures

Flavor them with herbs and wine

Call the spirits of the air

to feed the flame so strong and bright

Smell and stir and season again

Soon the mixture tastes just right

Continue adding each ingredient

Gifts of living, blessings of fall

Mark this moment of pure magic:

the most important element of all!

Without love the pot is empty:

satisfies the stomach but not the soul

October sun fills the kitchen

Light and shadow balance here

Arlene Gay Levine


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