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          Poems: Lord of Life

Happy New Year!


Lord of Life

Lord of life, guide my hand

Reveal to me thy master plan

of all things I could do and say

to bring to life thy Will today

Lord of life, open my heart

Instruct me in the simple art

of going within this sacred space

to hear your Word, receive your Grace

Lord of Life, support my soul

when times of tests and pain unfold

Remind me then, I've chosen this:

a way to grow, the road to bliss

Lord of Life, surround my being

with tender light of timeless healing

so love on every side abounds 

from me to others and back around

Lord of Life, I humbly thank thee

for all the beauty around and in me

Flower, snow, wind and tree

Your blessings are everywhere

endless and free

Arlene Gay Levine

First published in Bedside Prayers



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