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         Poems: Caught By Your Love

Caught By Your Love

Maybe it's the patience you bring to all things

weather sautéing a filet or solving a problem

Perhaps it's the way you listen when I can't hear myself

so you can guide me to shore

Possibly it's your beautiful eyes, reflecting pools

where I can see myself as cherished,

especially when I have forgotten to like who I am

It could be how the touch of your hand comforts me back to sleep when I wake at three in the morning

fearful about some foolish thing that won't

be a pebble ten years down the riverbed from now

Conceivably it's the surging stream of your devotion

surrounding me in my most solitary moments

or the way you've taught me by your generosity

how I could afford to nurture myself

and you without skimping

It might be all these reasons and ones

I don't yet understand even after all these years

that have hooked my heart and made me

so grateful to be caught

by your love


Arlene Gay Levine

First published in Wedding Blessings


(Random House/Broadway Books)


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