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         Poems: Harvest Moon 

Harvest Moon.jpg

Harvest Moon

Darkness falling at the dock when we arrive

rods baited for bass.

Only a lantern swinging at my side

guides our synchronized steps,

wards off the red fox and swooping bats,

discourages a neighbor's big black dog 

who wants to be minding our business.

We cast for a while into the void

that is the lake, lures searching

splashing softly through invisible 

depths trying to tempt unseen prey

minding their own business below.

Comfortable, silent, time dances:

does it really matter if we catch or not?

Now you nudge me, nod toward a speck

over the hills beginning to glow. I watch

in wonder as it slowly rises, grows

into a celestial spotlight.There shines 

the mandala under whose silver spell

we see through the mingling

of our breath in autumn air

to the bottom and beyond...

Arlene Gay Levine


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