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Movie Life

A Poetry Chapbook from Arlene Gay Levine
 A meaningful collection of work which includes "The Road" one of Arlene's most well known poems, published by the award winning Finishing Line Press.

Here is what renowned poets are

saying about Movie Life:

"In a collection of varied poems, meditative, wise, and sometimes tragi-comic (note the heart-stopping title poem), Levine celebrates the natural world and its sensual particulars with a sharp eye and metaphorical skill. Whether she is praising spiders, midwives or yea saying on roads taken or not taken, she is her own woman. Reading these poems I feel the presence of a lucid and probing mind at work.

    - Colette Inez


"Arlene G. Levine is a poet ever-mindful of wholeness, of inclusion. Her tendency is toward the light, but she is receptive enough to see, in the touching poem "Coattails," for example, a man's daughter as "his tiny shadow/floating behind" as he hurries and seems oblivious to her, all business. Levine is always aware of time passing relentlessly, and her poems serve as gentle reminders, to us and to herself, toward appreciation of what we have. "Soulmaking" is her word for our necessary and fulfilling poetic alertness. A reader will come away from this collection grateful for her companionship, and refreshed.


    - William Heyen 

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